In grade school I did track and cross country and hated both. I only continued to do either so that I could be in shape for boxing and wrestling. After high school I tried to keep up with MMA style training but in between money issues and crappy work hours I could never seem to make it out to the gym. Then after months of not working out a friend introduced me to the book “Born to Run”. Intrigued with tales of persistence hunting and hidden tribes that looked at an Ultramarathon as a fun run I cautiously, and optimistically decided to try running again.

It was slow going at first, but pretty soon I started to LOVE running. Whenever something bad happened I went running to cheer me up, and when something good happened I went running to make the day even better. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up, and the last thing I thought about when I went to sleep. I had transformed myself from someone who cursed the very thought of running, into someone who ran 12+ miles for fun, and I believe that can happen for you too.

So if you want to find out how I did it start at The Basics and that will show you the information I found and from there the three big principles I found most helpful to improving running form, and with it how much I enjoyed running.

I will be doing my own research and experiments to test and refine these principles, as well as explore not-often-addressed ideas on running, and I’ll be posting what I find here every week before Sunday morning. Any comments or suggestions are welcome and If you have something regarding running you want looked into or tested I would love to hear about it.


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